From Unemployed, Drunk Dropout to 7-Figure Family Member.
     Nicholas Dodge is a #1 international best-selling author, speaker, master of the 3 Golden Rules of Profit & Reward, has helped people all over the world launch their business, and philanthropist with a concentration on veterans and mental illness. Prior, he was unemployed, overweight, in a terrible relationship, and suffered from crippling depression.

    August 2018, we had the privilege of joining the 7-Figure Family with Akbar Sheikh, collaborating with multiple 7 and 8-Figure influencers looking to change the world with their products and services. We are proud of this accomplishment and this is just the beginning of where we are headed. We plan to be walking across the Funnel Hacking LIVE stage this year, receiving the 2 Comma Club Award for earning over $1,000,000 through our funnels.
We want YOU to be walking across the FHL stage winning your own Two Comma Club Award with us, because we believe everyone has a unique talent or life experience that can be turned into a profitable online business, and used to positively impact millions. We would love to help you find them, and use them with the right marketing strategies that work most effectively right now to create and sell your products or services and get there.

Now I’ve founded the Entrepreneurs YOUniversity where one of its core focuses is to Prevent suicide in America.
      Have recently enjoyed traveling to Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Miami, Boston, Manhattan, Cincinnati, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago.. at the end of the day, my favorite place is anywhere I can be with my loving family and friends.
      Grew up In Chicago.
      It took me 6 months of constant, daily failure before I found success in business, and haven’t looked back since.
      Started off in entrepreneurship penniless then within 12 months was able to join a 7-Figure mastermind and collaborate with multiple 7- and 8-Figure influencers in the marketing industry.
And... Have recently helped people all over the world launch and grow profitable online businesses. Perhaps you're next?
NICHOLAS DODGE - entrepreneurs youniversity 
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