From Unemployed & Drunk Dropout to 7-Figure Family Member.
     Nicholas Dodge is a #1 international best-selling author, speaker, master of the 3 Golden Rules of Profit & Reward, has helped 7 entrepreneurs launch their business, and philanthropist with a concentration on veterans and helping wounded warriors struggling with mental illness. Prior, he was unemployed, overweight, in a terrible relationship, and suffered from crippling anxiety disorder. 

     He does what he does because he believes that everyone has a unique talent capable of impacting the lives of others, and they should have the opportunity to do so, hence making the world a better place.

     Nicholas is on a mission to use entrepreneurship for good, helping people break through, find their purpose, and create an ethical, profitable business in the process.
Now I’ve founded the Entrepreneurs YOUniversity where one of its core focuses is to Prevent suicide in America. (we also joined the 7-Figure Family very quickly.)
      Have recently enjoyed traveling to Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Miami, Boston, Manhattan, Chicago.. at the end of the day, my favorite place is anywhere I can be with my loving family and friends.
      Grew up In Chicago.
      It took me 6 months of constant, daily failure before I found success in business, and haven’t looked back since.
      Started off in entrepreneurship penniless than within 12 months started collaborating with multiple 7-Figure earners and scaling his own online business.
And... Have recently helped 7 people create a profitable business by using the golden 3 rules of profit & reward. Perhaps you're next?
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